Booked out since their opening in January until Covid-19 hit hard in March, Kapiti Neuro Therapy have been busy providing the only service with movement therapy, art therapy and sensory processing integration therapy in Kāpiti.

"We had a hugely positive response following our open day and we were booked out from January onwards until the Covid-19 lockdowns in March," owner Corinne Allan said.

"When we first opened we were initially seeing 20-25 children a week and offered two late nights to deal with the high demand.

"I wanted to give clients a therapeutic alternative to medical treatment.


"During the Covid-19 lockdown we continued helping parents of children with high needs or anxiety via Zoom sessions.

Corinne Allan from Kapiti Neuro Therapy.
Corinne Allan from Kapiti Neuro Therapy.

"These children were unsettled due to the changes in daily routines caused by the lockdown and needed help coping with the changes."

Kapiti Neuro Therapy offers personal therapy plans for children with neuro-diversity, complex disorders and disabilities, such as global development delay, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscaculia, aspergers, autism, ADHD and sensory disorders.

They also offer art therapy sessions for teenagers and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and mental health issues.

"We had a fantastic start and couldn't have asked for a better response."

With big waiting lists in early childhood intervention and development services in Wellington, Kapiti Neuro Therapy have helped in taking the pressure off the DHB and provided an option for parents and their children from all over the Wellington region.

Over the last few months they have worked on establishing good relationships with schools, special needs coordinators and other health providers from Levin, Lower Hutt and the wider Wellington region.

To use their services, parents can get their children referred by a GP or other specialists or contact them directly for a consultation to discuss what help they need and to get answers to their questions about funding and the recommended therapy plan.


After the meeting and reading though all information given from the parents including diagnostic reports, letters from their GP, information from teachers and so on, Kapiti Neuro Therapy will then create a personalised therapy plan for the child.

Most sessions are on a one to one basis however they also offer multi-sensory education workshops for parents and professionals and can also allow multi-sensory room bookings for other specialists.