Kāpiti area response manager Senior Sergeant Chanel Chapman gives an update of crime activity in the district since the lockdown started.

Kāpiti hasn't seen an increase in general crime, in comparison to anywhere else in New Zealand, since the lockdown began.

As an organisation we know we are likely to see a rise in family harm simply due to the constraints of being in isolation, along with the effects that job and income loss might have.

Kāpiti did have a small spike last weekend but the majority of that was what we consider low-level, involving parents and their children.

Kāpiti area response manager Senior Sergeant Chanel Chapman. Photo / David Haxton
Kāpiti area response manager Senior Sergeant Chanel Chapman. Photo / David Haxton

We know that it is a difficult time for kids, particularly teens who rely so heavily on their social relationships.

Our message to parents is to remember this, go easy for a bit and to pick your battles.

Parenting might just have to look a little different than the norm for a wee while.

With more people at home we have had an increase in reporting of suspicious behaviour and other things that wouldn't normally be observed.

This vigilance is assisting us in our efforts to crack down on things like drug suppliers and growers across the area.

The Kapiti Tactical Crime Unit had a good win yesterday after executing a search warrant based on just this type of information.

We are getting swamped with calls for isolation breaches and we are doing our best to keep up with these.

Our intent is to make sure people are educated in the first instance.


Many people are still unaware of the severity this virus is likely to have, not only on us as a nation but the whole entire world.

While it is nice that we can go out for a walk or bike ride to keep healthy, our message to stay home other than for exercise and essential trips is because that is what is best for all of us.

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