Playing Big Day Out

Your favourite Big Day Out memory?

The superstars who should have been, the Snitches, played in the early afternoon back when the local stage was squeezed between the Supertop and the stadium. I started watching the set perfectly positioned, but such was the undeniable power of their sound that pretty soon the swelling crowd crushed me into the barrier and completely packed out the entire area. It was a jaw-dropping set and one of the real unexpected magical moments that a festival like the BDO can provide. I also really liked playing the evening slot on the main stage with the D4. That was very, very cool.

Playing any other summer music festivals?

We are giving our all to the Big Day Out. We are physically unable to play Laneway. Simon Luger suffers from a severe case of syntha-phobia. The extreme levels of rock 'n' roll present in his system means that if he comes within 40 yards of such a device he breaks out in a rash and his behaviour becomes erratic and often destructive. I think it's best we keep our distance.


Are you more the BDO, Winery Tour, Laneway, or Splore type?

I think we'd be accused of doing sonically uncouth things to the chardonnay grapes on a winery tour. Laneway would only mean trouble (see above), and as for Splore, well, let's be honest. We're a f****** rock 'n' roll band. So I guess that means you'll find us at 12pm on the Green Stage at the Big Day Out.



Jimmy Christmas of Luger Boa


Big Day Out, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland


21 January, 12:00pm (noon) at the Green Stage