The Oscars in memoriam presentation has stirred outrage with iconic Batman actor Adam West left out along with other beloved names.

The annual presentation of Hollywood figures who died over the previous year included 48 names remembered in a tribute during the awards, reports the Daily Mail.

There was never room for everyone but fans were shocked actors like West, Glen Campbell, Powers Boothe, and Dorothy Malone were omitted.

However, some fans pointed out that West was primarily known as a TV actor and was never a movie star of the kind included in the segment.

West played Batman in the campy 1966-68 TV series and one film, and later appeared in films like Robinson Crusoe on Mars and The Outlaws Is Coming.


The 88-year-old died last June after a short battle with leukaemia.

Jennifer Garner introduces an In Memoriam tribute at the Oscars. Photo/AP
Jennifer Garner introduces an In Memoriam tribute at the Oscars. Photo/AP

Other notable omissions included Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper, The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent, and Frasier's John Mahoney.

Fans were also outraged Bill Paxton wasn't included, but the prolific actor was given a sendoff by presenter Jennifer Aniston before last year's in memoriam as he died the day before.

Yesterday's in memoriam segment was presented by Jennifer Garner with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performing Room at the Top by Tom Petty, who died in October, as the montage rolled.

James Bond actor Roger Moore, singer Chuck Berry, actors Harry Dean Stanton and Jerry Lewis, and John Heard who played the father in Home Alone all made it in.