Nate Crowly is going all the way for a Lord of the Rings binge - recreating meals from Peter Jackson's movie series for his 14-hour marathon.

Crowly, a Walsall author, and his partner sat down to watch all three films in Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy earlier today to honour his father, who died a year ago.

"This seemed by far the most reasonable way to commemorate that," he wrote on Twitter.

Crowly prepared a 14-course meal for the pair to enjoy during their binge with one strict rule: the food had to have been eaten on screen by the film's characters.


That's a big ask: remember, this is a series in which Gollum tucks into a raw fish plucked straight from the sea.

So no, it wasn't all going to be sausages and lembas bread.

Crowly and his partner kicked off their binge at 6am with "hobbit cake" and a cup of tea.

Breakfast also included carrots, an apple, fried bacon and mushrooms.

Then came the sausages and white bread.

After that feed, there was also room for snacks ...

... and a chicken, which they didn't eat.

Crowly used the line, "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys," as an excuse to cook up some ribs.

And they followed that up with a cheese board.

To recreate the rabbit stew, Crowly included potatoes "three ways - boiled, mashed and stuck in a stew".

Then it was time for more stew, but his gross fish course ended with Crowly throwing it out onto the garden.

After throwing out the stew, Crowly said his marathon had come to a halt for a bit.

"Ok, the fish sludge really threw us a bit, to the extent where I buggered up my threading and had to redo a couple of tweets. We've both had a big glass of water and steadied ourselves now. Fingers crossed it's a while before the next meal."

Unfortunately, the next meal was based on Gollum's raw fish catch.

That was followed up with more trout, and some snacks.

Crowly's Lord of the Rings binge continues here.