The Bagger scene is about to take off in NZ thanks to Polaris bringing two very new, and very different takes on the niche to the Kiwi market before Christmas.

Known for their factory equipped hard luggage and touring screens, builders of baggers take your standard cruiser, and generally throw most of the available accessory book at them. The result is a bike that is just as happy touring the countryside as it is the boulevard.

First up, Indian have reinvented the Roadmaster, last seen in 1953, with a full 403Kg bike packed full of cutting edge technology wrapped in the classic lines of Indians heritage.

Powered by the beautiful Thunder Stroke 111 49-degree, air-cooled, V-Twin, the 1811cc monster sends 138.9 Nm of torque through a six-speed gearbox. More than enough to hustle two people and their gear along all day long.


With both saddlebags and a top-box, the Roadmaster is impressively equipped with 143 litres of space to stow gear away, and with remote locking standard, worrying about whether you locked everything up is a thing of the past.

The Roadmaster comes with 10-stage heated grips and the genuine Desert Tan leather seats are heated to ensure optimum comfort on those cold frosty mornings.

Cruise control is standard as is ABS, chrome highway bars front and rear, as well as triple power ports for plugging your electronic devices such as your phone.

Behind the generous fairing complete with LED lighting, is an infotainment system to rival most cars of the same price range. Included is not only Bluetooth connectivity, but also Navigation, Phone connectivity and even Pandora is available.

The classic lines of the clocks are nothing to sneeze at either.

We're definitely looking forward to swinging a leg over this one when it arrives in country.

Victory Magnum

The Victory Magnum is priced from $31,995

Polaris' much younger child, Victory also have a new bagger in the mix, with the Victory Magnum set to hit our shores within weeks of the Indian Roadmaster.

With Indian taking care of the more traditional styling route, Victory have gone for a more modernized look,Starting with Victory's acclaimed Cross Country the Magnum adds a striking 21-inch front cast wheel, slammed back-end, three-tone paint scheme, and their best performing sound system ever; 6 speakers in-dash behind the touring screen, all with 79.5 litres of storage space.

The option for more speakers is there, as is the full Arlen Ness Beveled Collection to upgrade Pegs, Engine Covers, Mirrors, Brake/Clutch Levers, Floorboards and Ignition and Engine Covers.

Peter Harvey - Country Manager for Victory Motorcycles said they haven't been as excited about a new Victory bike launch.

"The bagger trend is gathering strong real momentum locally and the timing of the Magnum is perfect."

"Customers have been asking for and custom building this type of bike themselves and for it to be available exfactory with the largest production bagger wheel on the road coming standard plus all the other features should make it irresistible"

Priced from $31,995 the Victory Magnum is an attractive alternative if your in the market for a boardwalk basher with attitude.