Dancing is changing the script about the aging process.

It's a process that some look forward to, and some dread, for a whole range of reasons.

Most of us know an older person, a grandparent, an elderly aunt or uncle, who has fallen, or had a hip or knee replacement.

It has become part of the stories we hear about older people in our whānau and community.


But Tania Kopytko is where the narrative is changing and she's talking about community strength and balance classes.

Kopytko is DanceXercise based in Palmerston North and will hold dance exercise classes at the Square Edge.

Kopytko's dance classes give participants what they need to keep their bodies fit and healthy, with a range of dance styles and movements, using a positive, encouraging, and fun approach.

Each genre of dance encourages the body to move in different ways, and to keep everything moving from the ankles, the hips, to the wrists and fingertips.

"Dance is good for the mind and the body," says Kopytko.

She says being in class with other people allows the participants to focus solely on their body, their dance expression.

"You become absorbed in the movement and in what is going on in the class, but also to move together, which is a powerful and enjoyable experience."

These classes bring people together in a fun and safe environment to help build core strength and stability.

There are a range of classes on offer in Palmerston North and in the wider Manawatū region, ranging from aerobics, dance, swimming, and yoga, just to name a few.


If you'd like to give DanceXercise a go, contact Tania on 027 631 0105.

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday 10-11am at Square Edge Arts Centre dance studio.