Established musician Vicki Lee will be performing a tribute to Dame Vera Lynn at the Manawatū Tattoo show at Manfeild Stadium on September 26 and 27.

Lee has been passionately involved with music for the past 50 years, with her past 10 years spent as a solo singer, pianist and keyboardist.

"I have had the privilege of backing many wonderful artists including Dame Malvina Major, and Sir Howard Morrison," she said.

The music enthusiast has been performing the songs of Dame Vera Lynn to many audiences across New Zealand, England, and at an exclusive event in Saint Severs in France, since 2015.


"It became apparent to me very early on during these concerts, that Dame Vera's music was resonating on a profoundly deep level with so many.

"Her style and melodic timbre was utterly unique to her," says Vicki.

She explained how she sees herself as a conduit between her audiences and Dame Vera Lynn given the emotion shown in the various audiences across the globe.

Through Lee's multitude of performances, she has been able to continue the validation of the many dark days people had lived throughout World War II.

Lee reflects on the veteran's great sacrifices, stories, memories, and perhaps most importantly, "Lynn's legacies to future generations".

Over many weeks of 2019, Lee had toured all 35 of New Zealand Ryman villages to perform Dame Vera Lynn's music where she listened to the many stories of the retirees.

"In our current global Covid crisis, the voice of Dame Vera Lynn is once again resonating.

"A career that may have chosen her, but, to the benefit of us all," she said.


Earlier in 2020, Lee was able to visit Lynn one last time before the World's Sweetheart passed away on June 18 at the age of 103.

"The message from her was still the same - keep doing what I'm doing," Vicki said.