Manawatū Golden Oldies Evergreens team is looking for more oldies and young-uns to get back into playing rugby and netball.

Golden oldies is an organisation that keeps oldies playing sports throughout New Zealand and some other countries across the globe.

Secretary of the Evergreens Manawatū Golden Oldies, Jenny Brookes, has noticed a decrease in members and is encouraging more people to join as many previous players are deceased now.

"We are not a bunch of old farts… the Evergreens are about fun, friendship, and fraternity," Jenny says.


Competitive pressures and injuries associated with regular sporting tournaments are becoming a thing of the past as the club strives to keep sports fun and social.

Games are played on Sunday afternoons which are held in Palmerston North, and away.

The teams have after-match social functions where they share some kai and have a beverage or two.

The Evergreens are looking for new members of all ages from 35.

They hold around six to eighr games every three weeks and the club even has a van to carpool players to and from games.

The logo and mascot of the Evergreens Club is Father Time.

The costume is worn by Peter Brookes who played in the club for many years but has taken a step back after suffering a stroke.

"Everyone thinks he's an actual father when he wears this costume," says Jenny.


Peter said the costume gets lots of international attention.

"When I was in Japan at the Golden Oldies International Festival, a man took a photo of me.

"When he came to Christchurch in 2018, he wanted to take another photo."

Every two years the Golden Oldies hold international festivals, with the next one to take place in Denver Colorado for 2021.

These are optional to attend.

The Manawatū Evergreens were founded in 1979 by Rangi Royal after he attended the first international festival in Auckland and later returned to Palmerston North.


If you want to find out more on how to get involved, email Jenny Brookes at