Charles Forbes leaves the Regent on Broadway after 20 years leading the theatre.

On Friday, Charles was farewelled in the theatre at a function attended by invited guests.

Acting general manager David Walsh said Charles was a very likeable chap.

"He has a lot of theatre knowledge and has done all the hard yards."


Charles started at the Regent in 1998 as staff technician, and, in 2000, stepped into the role of general manager.

David opened the Regent for the City Council in 1998 to get the project under way, and was in the role as general manager for 18 months before Charles took over the reins.

Charles' hard yards that David spoke about included everything to do with compliance, health and safety, structures and liquor licensing. He is also a qualified electrician.

"Charles has a lot of institutional knowledge," David said.

It is this knowledge David says that Charles will continue to share with the community.

"In this industry you do not just walk away."

During Charles' time as staff technician, he would pack up the stage sets.

"He knew what touring shows required."


A new general manager is being sought. David says that will likely take the theatre in a new direction.