Research finds 65 per cent of Kiwi kids want to change the future of NZ

Lego headed research into what Kiwi kids think the future of New Zealand will look like

The research was commissioned to coincide with the launch of the annual National Lego Building Competition in NZ, which this year has a theme 'Future of New Zealand'.

Lego wanted to find out what Kiwi kids thought the future of the country would look like and the results, the brick developer said, were interesting and amusing.

Sixty-five per cent of kids say they want to change the way the world is heading and 75 per cent were worried about the environment.


Other kids in the research said they were going to have flying robotic cars and that dinosaurs might make a comeback.

The NLBC encourages kids from across the country to channel their creativity and design the future of the country using Lego bricks, and were hoping that the research could serve as a bit of a call to action for other Kiwi kids to also show the nation what they think the future of NZ will look like by entering the competition.

This year is also the first year that the competition will have a celebrity judge, the award-winning Lego certified designer The Brickman Ryan McNaught.

Become the Lego winner in The Future of NZ Lego competition.

Submit your entries in store with two photos of your creation, at your local Toyworld store, or online at until July 31.