Feilding woman Nicole Smith is one of 8500 St John volunteers serving on the frontline.

Nicole works fulltime at St John and also volunteers in her spare time.

After more than three years of volunteering, Nicole's passion for serving has not diminished.

"It has made me more confident as a person," she says.


Nicole said it was her desire to help the Feilding community that attracted her to sign up as a volunteer ambulance officer.

She completed her first responder training and loved being a volunteer so much she underwent further training.

Nicole recently completed her national diploma in ambulance practice, qualifying as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

In her volunteering role she is out on the road with a paid ambulance officer once a fortnight, spending around 12 to 14 hours helping those in her community.

"It's challenging, exciting and rewarding," she says.

Not long after she started her volunteer training, Nicole saw an advert for a fulltime first aid training administrator role at St John.

Her application was successful and Nicole is one of 40 per cent of St John employees who also volunteer in their spare time.

"I wanted to get the satisfaction of giving back to my community and helping people," she recalls.


"Since furthering my clinical skills and knowledge, I am now able to support my crew partner more effectively.

"It's such a rewarding feeling after successfully treating a patient and I think wow, we made a difference to that person's life."

Nicole says people who are unsure about whether they should volunteer should just do it.

"You won't regret it. It's so amazing for personal and professional growth. It's totally worth it."

New Zealand has a proud history of volunteering, with thousands of volunteers around the country giving up their time every week to give back to the communities they live in.

St John's 8576 volunteers serve on the frontline, in community health programmes, on area committees and helping at sporting and community events.

Nicole Smith is one of St John's 8,576 volunteers being honoured during National Volunteer Week, June 21-27, which celebrates the contribution of all volunteers who enhance Aotearoa.

St John estimates its volunteers contribute more than two million hours a year to New Zealand communities.

For more information on volunteering for St John, visit join.stjohn.org.nz/volunteer-jobs.