Climbing spindleberry looks attractive but Horizons Regional Council says it's a pest and people should report it.

The council says it's problematic in all gardens.

Horizons plant biosecurity officer Jack Keast says climbing spindleberry is a threat to New Zealand's native trees and pine plantations.

"It climbs its way up to the top of forests and bush to get to the canopy, preventing the trunk it is growing around from getting any wider.


"It gets so dense and heavy that it collapses the trees under it.

"It also has the ability to smother the understory, which prevents seedling recruitment."

Keast urges members of the community to report any sightings to Horizons' pest plant team so biosecurity officers or contractors can control it for you.

"You can identify them by their glowing yellow leaves before they drop off in winter.

"If you think you may have seen some, please make sure to call us as incorrectly removing them yourself may result in further spreading of the plant."

This pest plant is also banned from sale and distribution throughout New Zealand.

To report any sightings, free phone Horizons on 0508 800 800 and talk to the HRC pest plant team.

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