Fourteen teams will battle it out in the ENZED Superstock Teams Championship over two nights at the Central Energy Trust Arena.

Locals crowded into The Square today for an up-close look at the superstocks.

Promoter Bruce Robertson of Robertson Holden International Speedway said the showground is packed out for the two-night showcase when 70 superstock drivers hit the dirt track.

The Palmerston Panthers and Manawatū Mustangs will line up against a national and international field, with the Great Britain Lions who have travelled the furthest.


After Friday night's clash or crash, there's bound to be scraped paint and dents if the superstock takes a hit.

Freestyle motocross rider Levi Sherwood, nicknamed "rubber kid", who raced with the Crusty Demons, will be the first out on the track ahead of the superstocks.

Sherwood shot to stardom in 2009 when he won on debut at the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

His best was yet to come when in 2017 he claimed three major titles.