Henrique Beirao's alter drag ego Rhubarb Rouge will be seen on screen in TVNZ's House of Drag premiering on February 1.

Centrepoint Theatre's production manager Beirao will compete against seven other drag queens and one drag king in outrageous drag competitions to keep their place in the mansion for a shot at $10,000.

Beirao, who has performed as Rhubarb Rouge since 2008, said he is excited for the show to launch.

"Being on House of Drag and getting to meet so many other fabulous queens is a dream come true.


"The show is pee-your-pants level funny and I can't wait for everyone to see it."

Beirao said the experience is one of his drag career's highlights, along with performing his original show, Confessions of a Drag Queen, to a sold-out Sydney Opera House audience in 2012.

"Drag is an art form that allows me to perform and entertain, express myself and my ideas, and make a political statement by challenging society's norms.

"I'm stoked for this opportunity to share my art on an even larger scale."

In addition to his busy job at Centrepoint Theatre, Beirao actively performs as Rhubarb Rouge in events around the country and is flying to Melbourne in February to host What a Drag.

What a Drag , curated and produced by Beirao which began as an exhibition,
is a major annual fundraiser.

He also performed in Auckland's recent Brazilian Day Festival and placed third in Mr Bear New Zealand on January 24.

"I've received so much support from my colleagues, friends and family and I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who is rooting for Rhubarb."