Palmerston North-based Kane Parsons will be treading the boards again with his solo show All the right notes on Sunday.

Parsons says All the Right Notes will not necessarily be in the right order. It is comedy after all.

This is a comedic journey through classical music in the style of Victor Borge.

Inspired by the great Danish pianist/comedian, Parsons has put together a new family show in the style of the Clown Prince of Denmark.

"Being introduced to Victor Borge instantly appealed to me in the way he took classical music and took the mickey out of it compared to the usual seriousness associated with it.


"I loved how his show appealed to all ages through his comedy in music.

"Having performed this show already it's amazing having 3-year olds to 90-year olds laughing at the same comic routines.

"Borge's comedy resonates with all that see him and I wanted to bring him to the next generation of audiences who don't know who he was, while also taking the generation that does remember him, for a trip down memory lane."

The biggest draw-card of All the Right Notes is perhaps best captured in its subtitle: Just not necessarily in the right order. Expect the unexpected.

Parsons says classical music will be transformed, redefined, and most importantly, made fun and funny.

All the right notes, Globe Theatre, 5pm, December 15. Tickets at or (06) 351 4409.