English language students' art and crafts are on display in the English Teaching College's inaugural Cultural Art and Craft exhibition.

The exhibition opened on Tuesday at 140 The Square, next to Inspire, and will run for two weeks.

Booranee Roskruge learned raranga/weaving and holds a Te Wānanga o Aotearoa diploma.

"In Thailand we used bamboo which is totally different to using harakeke/flax."


Booranee said when she started her learning, she discovered there were similarities between the Thai and Māori cultures.

She shows the muka, the fibre in the harakeke, she has used in a wall hanging.

"It is not easy and you have to be patient," Booranee says as she demonstrates how the white fibre is worked from the flax.

She has many pieces in the exhibition and each has a story.

Booranee's philosophy is to preserve local arts and crafts by using natural resources while still maintaining a balance between the environment and humans.

Ghana Maya Neupane says she likes using colour.

She has had muscular dystrophy since she was seven, yet her finely detailed colouring-in art shows painstaking work despite the debilitating condition.

She used to dance and play soccer in her home country Nepal, but because of her weakened muscles, her father and brother carried her on their backs and took her places.


Her Freyberg High teacher gave Ghana a colouring-in book which she says helps her develop the ability to focus, see balance and blend colours.

Ghana also learned Sign Language at Freyberg.

ETC tutor Karen Keenan wanted to hold the exhibition to fulfil Ghana's dream to see her work on display to the public.

Run your fingers over Hadil Abdallah's beaded table mats, smile at Chimnoy Cheav's bright crochet covers and delight at Samaneh Deghani cloth dolls.

Wei Wu has five works - ballpoint drawings of horses, and calligraphy and watercolour calla lilies.

He says he has been committed to the creation and exploration of Chinese painting for a long time and uses modern painting language to create.

The works are for sale.