Two Palmerston North businesses have come together to promote a new vehicle safety carrier.

Cyclista Cafe and Greasy Chain Trust chair Steve Stannard has joined with local road safety company Safelite's Murray Butcher and Alan McGee who has manufactured a vehicle cycle carrier.

McGee said their research showed that every day lots of cyclists put themselves and their families at risk by carrying bikes on the backs of their cars which obscure their lights and number plate.

"Most have no idea of the danger or the fact they are breaking the law."


Stannard added that cycling was becoming more popular in the Manawatū through organisations like Bike Manawatū, the Manawatū Mountain Bike Club and events like the Gravel and Tar international races, and the recent opening of the He Ara Kotahi bridge and cycle path.

"Because of that, safety in all aspects of cycling, including how to carry your bike safely on the car becomes more important."

"The increase in accidents involving bicycles, including cars carrying bikes shows that we need to make people more aware of the dangers," says McGee.

"Getting some local businesses on board to help share that message is a good start".