Manawatū scouts are heading to Mystery Creek for a 10-day activity-packed camp.

The Jamboree starts on December 28 where each troop of 36 scouts will set up their cooking, washing and living facilities inside a village which they will manage for the next 10 days.

The 80 scouts aged 11 to 15 will among the 4000 to attend the 22nd Scout Jamboree, but it comes at a $1500 cost.

Manawatū Horizons and Palmy Panther Troop leader Gwyn Fraser says this cost is mainly through personal contributions.


"The main aim is for each scout to find ways to raise funds through traditional bake sales and sausage sizzles, but also many new initiatives to add to the learning and excitement.

"Each day has an action-packed plan to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience of fun through adventure and making lifelong friends through team interaction.

Fraser says the Jamboree is run by a dedicated and immensely hard-working adult volunteer group which achieves an excellent outcome for the children.

Fraser says scouting overall takes many months of hard yakka before the final reward of attending the Jamboree.

"If you feel that this local child developmental activity is worthy of a contribution, or you would like to volunteer in Scouting, please contact the Manawatū Zone leader at:"

Every three years the Jamboree is held between the North and South islands. To find out more visit

The Scout Association of New Zealand manages Fun through Adventure for children aged between five and 18 and adults 18 to 26.

The adult members are then able to become adult leaders with the requisite training to give back to the next generation.


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