Rev Ian Boddy will deliver his Sunday service theme taken from the Beatles hit Yesterday

Boddy, a Minister at Wesley Broadway Methodist Church said each year one of their Sunday morning services celebrates the Agape Fellowship.

The Yesterday service is Sunday at 10am.

The Agape Fellowship has a music appreciation session on Friday mornings as part of its regular weekly programme.


"They heard that I love the Beatles, and 1960s pop music in general.

"They asked me to lead this year's special service for Agape, and requested that the theme title be "Yesterday".

"They had found out that each week I use a pop song title as the theme title for the church service I lead.

"I generally just use the titles of the songs, and rarely refer to the lyrics of those songs, only if I see the lyrics as relevant and helpful.

"Song titles give a good spark and entry point into the religious themes of the gospels.

"I pick a different one each week, and have recently used I'm A Believer, Crying In the Chapel, Light My Fire, Everlasting Love, Satisfaction, Stand By Meand even Fox On the Run.

He said Beatles' titles get regular use: Across the Universe, Carry That Weight, Got To Get You Into My Life, I Want To Tell You, and A Little Help From My Friends.

"I've used Eight Days A Week, but not yet found the right opportunity to use Yellow Submarine.


"The Beatles captured my interest in 1963 when I was at intermediate.

"Up to then my favourites had been Elvis, The Everly Brothers and Cliff Richard, but the Beatles had a more enduring influence and impact on me.

"She Loves You was the first Beatles' record I bought.

"My older brother bought the LPs and I could only afford 45s. Their music brought in a new and higher standard, they wrote most of the songs they sang, they were witty and intelligent.

"The Beatles songs were at first all love songs, but they moved on to contemporary topics.

"All You Need Is Love was an anthem of universal love performed live on Our World, the first simultaneous worldwide television broadcast."