Taika Waititi has done it again with JoJo Rabbit.

There will be no spoilers here of a film that ticked so many boxes for me.

First there was Waititi's Boy, a film of comedy and raw truth about an East Coast family.


Then What We Do in the Shadows, another of Waititi's quirky take on vampires.

And now JoJo Rabbit.

Who could have put together Hitler, Hitlerjugend and Jews, and delivered another comedic take on a truth?

Waititi did.

The audience invited to the preview screening in the Event Cinema in Palmerston North shared the hilarious moments in the film. They laughed loudly.

Waititi is clever, and how his mind delivers these masterpieces of comedy and truth is creative genius.

Yes, there were times of anxious anticipation at what the outcome was going to be in some scenes.

The colleagues I went with were equally impressed with the film. They found it hilarious.


Given we're in a time of sensitivities, I've no doubt some will think Waititi sailed close to the line.

The boxes JoJo Rabbit ticked for me? The cast, redemption, love, humour, creative licence and Waititi delivering another successful film.