The Renaissance Singers arrived for their Sunday afternoon performance to discover their trailer was missing.

The Singers' president Guy Broadley said the trailer was locked and in the carpark at the back of St Peter's Church.

"In this day of portable grinders, padlocks and other such defences are no deterrent to determined criminals."

Broadley said the theft was reported to the police but they were advised to go online or use the 105 number.


The choir members were then involved in setting up the few remaining riser platforms that had been stored in the church overnight, and two of the four sets of lights, before their 1pm rehearsal.

Broadley went again to the police station after the concert, was given a reference number and someone would contact him for the details of the theft.

As of today Broadley said he was disappointed that he had not been contacted.

The replacement value of the trailer is over $16,000, says Broadley, and of the 17 platforms used in the performance the choir had only five with a box of shorter legs.

"The four sets of lights and tripods purchased in the beginning of 2017 had cost over $8300.

"The lights have been invaluable at lighting up the scores for the choristers.

"The platforms had been purchased at the beginning of 2018 at a cost of $17,752. "

Broadley said the platforms and lights had been successfully used for several concerts involving a number of choirs.


"A very real community asset."

Broadley is asking the public to contact the police or leave a message on the Renaissance Singers' Facebook page if they have any information or had seen the distinctive trailer.