A shared message to Lucy Bishop from her aunty in Methven started a bread bag tag collection that will provide wheelchairs in South Africa.

Little Ferns office manager Bishop told the parents at the centre and already two of the children Leah and Rachael have collected bags of the bread bag tags.

"This collection helps keep these bread tags out of our landfills and they are turned into products," says Bishop.

"The tags sent to South Africa gives people jobs turning them into seedling trays and coat hangers."


The Bread Tag for Wheelchairs was started by Mary Honeybun in South Africa in 2006.

Honeybun says the wheelchairs helps both the person who needs one as well as the people who care for them.

It is now a worldwide campaign with many collection points throughout New Zealand which can be seen on its Facebook page.

The bread bag tag collection started in New Zealand in February.

Freyberg High is the collection point in Palmerston North during school hours.

A total of 600,000 bread bag tags weigh 200kg and buys one wheelchair.