Hannah Prisk saw the need to help girls attend school every month when they were menstruating.

"We're tackling two issues with one solution."

The art auction on Saturday 18 at Freyberg School will raise funds for sustainable menstrual cups which can last up to 10 years, and washable pads and underwear.

Hannah added that she knew of girls who missed school because they could not afford products when they were menstruating.


"The cups are $50 but it is a sustainable choice for girls, as well as being good for the environment."

Hannah says she thinks it's something the Government could look at to help girls.

"This is about equality. Every girl could be given a menstrual cup, especially in year 9. It's vital to provide all the girls with access to these products."

Hannah says they have partnered with the Wā Collective which will come to the school later to give talks about what products are available and educate students about healthy choices.

On Saturday, photography students will be taking family and friends' photos for $5, the Drama academy will give performances and new Kiwi students will serve their traditional foods.

+ Art auction, Freyberg High, May 18, 10-4pm. For more information: hannahprisk@students.freyberg.ac.nz