The calibre of Massey University researchers has been recognised by the Government's national ratings system, with a 40 per cent increase in the number of highest-rated academics.

Massey will receive $39 million in PBRF funding annually, representing 12.4 per cent of the total pool – the third highest funding share in New Zealand.

In the assessment of 36 research-based tertiary institutions carried out by the TEC/Tertiary Education Commission, Massey increased its share of internationally A-rated researchers to 131.7 full-time equivalent staff/FTE, up from 94.73 in 2012.

A-rated researchers are considered of international standing in their fields of expertise.


The number of nationally B-rated researchers also increased by 23 per cent, to 419.61, up from 340.7 FTE in 2012.

The PBRF/Performance-Based Research Fund's 2018 QE/Quality Evaluation determines the allocation of annual funding based on the performance of academic researchers at each tertiary education institution.

The first QE was introduced in 2003 with the most recent evaluation held in 2012.

Massey Provost Professor Giselle Byrnes says this is a stunning achievement for the staff and Massey.

"More than half our researchers have been rated in the top two categories, which is great news for our students, but also the country.

"Our research focus is on solving 'wicked problems' and contemporary societal challenges, and we are proud of our track-record in research."

All Massey colleges increased their number of A and B-rated academics since the last PBRF round in 2012.

Subject areas of research excellence for Massey include chemistry, design, nursing, other health studies, sport and exercise science and veterinary studies and large animal science.