The new St John two-berth ambulance hub station in Palmerston North comes with a $600,000 price tag.

Palmerston North area community chairman Noel Beavers said the first responder launched the fundraiser last week and is asking the public and corporations to help raise the money.

The hub station will be built on Willis St and will serve the southern suburbs of the city as well as industry.

"The ambulances will be able to respond quicker to those suburbs and the rural area of Longburn," says Beaver.


St John has the architects' plan and is now waiting for the building consent and resource consent.

Once the consents are approved, Beaver says the tender will be put out for the hub's construction.

"We're putting the fundraising in place and calling for corporate and public donations.

"We'd like to start building in the next 12 months, or as quick as we can."

Beaver said the government does not give money for infrastructure and the organisation relies on donations from the general public for its running costs

+ASB is accepting donations for the new St John Willis St hub, or you can call in to the Church St headquarters.