The new owners of Chlo and Em's property on The Block NZ weren't fans of the show but are absolutely over the moon with their new home.

Mike and Amanda Wyeth, a young couple from Hobsonville, won the auction on House 3 at 25 Frances Bryers Rd during a live television auction broadcast last night.

The couple, who have two young children, placed the opening bid on the purple team's house and were shocked to find they had little competition on the bidding floor.

Bidding from home using the app Gavl, the couple kicked off the bidding with $920,000 and were startled when there was a long pause afterwards.

The finished kitchen and dining area completed by Chlo and Em on The Block 2018. Photo / Supplied
The finished kitchen and dining area completed by Chlo and Em on The Block 2018. Photo / Supplied

"Realisation struck when no one else was bidding," Amanda Wyeth said.

"We were dumbstruck but then they managed to squeeze a little bit out of someone else. It was so surreal as I honestly didn't think that we would get there."

The Wyeths ended up landing the home for $921,500.

Despite not watching the show, the Wyeths said they knew about the properties because they live nearby.

"When there was an open home we went for a wander through. We were really keen to buy something a bit bigger than what we currently have now because we have two young boys," Amanda Wyeth said.

The family were interested in two of The Block homes, both Chlo and Em's, and Amy and Stu's.

"We preferred the corner one (Amy and Stu's) purely because it allowed a lot more light to come in, but it just went over our budget," Mike Wyeth said.

"We came hard in on both of them but we had our limit that we were prepared to reach.

"What we liked about the girls' home was the layout of the kitchen. We thought that not having a butler's pantry allowed it to have a lot more room on the main floor.

"The other bit we really liked was that it was slightly more simple compared to the boys' one for example, and had more use of space in the landing area."

The couple said they were "thrilled with the price that we paid", despite a few changes needing to be made.

"When you have a look at what else is out on the market for three bedrooms, you have to pay a lot more than that - and in addition you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with the square footage, the fact it's facing north, and the furniture that comes with it is just an added bonus.

"There are probably a few things that we will change. I think the paintwork looked a little bit rushed so that will be the first thing we do," Mike Wyeth said.

"But we are just really happy the layout is good and we have a beautiful kitchen, and the flooring is really nice.

"The cosmetic side of things, we are happy to dig in deep and do a little more work to make it how we want it. I think it is part and parcel of getting a good price."

Mike Wyeth said they were not fazed about owning a famous property, and would love to meet Chlo and Em, the designers.

"I think it would be nice to see all the hard work they have done and hear some stories about why they did things," he said.

The family have a delayed settlement for early next year while they sell their current home.