Pro Fresh organisers say they will be reviewing procedures to ensure there is no trouble in future events.

In the weekend over 400 teens came together to listen to their favourite music and dance with friends at the sold out Blackout Party held at Bell Hall.

A concern was raised after 15-year-old Katelyn Bird was involved in a physical altercation where she believed the events' security could have dealt with it more effectively.

Katelyn claimed she was concerned security staff did not check to see if she needed medical attention after the altercation.


"The event was good itself before the incident, but I think the way the staff dealt with the altercation was unprofessional. I understand that organisers cannot control if people fight or what others do, but I believe they should have people around in case situations like this happen."

Katelyn claimed the staff were made aware of the altercation after it had happened in the middle of the dance floor.

"I wish they had come and spoken to me about it directly, I had to call the police myself after my caregiver had arrived around 15 minutes later," she said.

Organiser Jaymz MacKenzie-Hooper said this was the first altercation at an event in five years. He said staff were not made aware of the incident until the caregiver took matters into their own hands.

"On the night the security team were not the usual team we use, but all were individually fully licensed - we sighted their credentials before the start of the night. It is very unfortunate this happened and we will be reviewing the procedures we have in place to ensure we continue to provide a safe place for children aged 13-18 to party off the streets in a controlled environment with licensed security."

Katelyn states she felt organisers had tried to persuade her to keep quiet about the incident. Mr MacKenzie-Hooper said he had advised Katelyn to not disclose information publicly until they had completed their investigation.

"Along with that we were also concerned for Katelyn's safety."

On the night no charges were laid and police said they were able to provide appropriate advice and support where necessary to ensure those attending an event are kept safe.


Overall, Mr MacKenzie-Hooper said "The other kids had a great time, at the end of the night they did not want to go and kept chanting for song after song."

Lishay Tewhare, 14, said it was the best night of her life and the best event yet.

"The music and staff were awesome, it was so good to be able to get out of the house and dance with my friends. I cannot wait for the nextone."