It's the perfect time of year for Soaked Oats. And it's a joyous, warming experience.

In fact, the climax of Coming Up, Sludge Pop's third single, will have you so rapturous you'll be clapping hands like a Kevin Morby song.

The young Dunedin four-piece are back with another EP, bringing with it a healthy dose of familiar southern jangle, a wry sense of humour and a bold rhythm section.

The Sludge Pop EP
The Sludge Pop EP

It kicks off with the jaunty yet lyrically reflective lead single Shuggah Doom, in which life is a movie: "The film is wasting, Each frame is so key, In unlocking all those dreams, For which you're so patiently waiting."


The near-six-minute track closes out with a jam that demonstrates exactly why you should check out Soaked Oats live.

The moody, reflective Coming Up dials things back a bit, until that stunning close, while the instrumental single Driftworld brings the 70s funk.

Rounding out the record is the dreamy psychedelic pop of My Mud Your Shoes and the Arctic Monkeys-like swagger of Don't Chew.

Yes, having only five tracks could easily leave you wanting more, but somehow this 20 minutes-plus serving of Soaked Oats seems just right - and fully satisfying.