In his short career Gary Clark Junior has harnessed a formidable reputation as a take-no-prisoners guitarist and vocalist, creating his own pathway, drawn from blues, rock and soul.

It's a genre fusion that evokes memories of Jimi Hendrix, and This Land will only enhance the Austin, Texas native on to an even higher career trajectory.

Yes, you'll get to hear music, good music, drawn from every genre that Gary Clark Junior's repertoire inhabits.

The first few of the generous 15-song record are from the heavy duty rock end of Clark's war chest. Vocally he always sounds unique, guitar wise he explores every which-way of the instruments possibilities.


Then we segue into a classic soul sound, rich and melodic on When I'm Gone and Guitar Man. While The Governor and Don't Wait Til Tomorrow take us on a rock-steady trip before the final track, Dirty Dishes Blues, couldn't be more appropriately named, demonstrating that this is the genre Gary Clark Junior shows us what he's really made of.

We could easily be at Stovalls Plantation in 1930s Mississippi.

Gary Clark Junior has delivered a predictably unpredictable set of songs that will benefit from turning your sound system onto a setting of eleven and letting it rip This Land is the real McCoy.