The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Ladyland

Perhaps surprisingly the Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded just three studio albums, with Electric Ladyland being the final of those.

Originally released 50 years ago in October 1968, this new celebratory version makes a statement that Hendrix fans won't be able to ignore. When Jimi and manager Chas Chandler fell out during the recording Hendrix took over the role of producer.

Electric Ladyland then is an essential footprint in the evolution of rock music. With his brilliant read of Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower, the 15-minute opus of Voodoo Chile, with the storming keyboard playing of Steve Winwood.


The unique mash up of Crosstown Traffic, and the wah-wah driven Burning of the Midnight Lamp.

A team of engineers led by original soundman Eddie Kramer has re-mastered the two records of the release and, in the four-disc CD version you get to act out a fly-on-a-wall listen of demos and out-takes, plus a Blu Ray disc documentary.

The vinyl version stretches out to six LPs. Electric Ladyland is an unbridled visit to a music visionary and this 50th anniversary release will interest many.

Listen here: