What can I say about this jaunt? Not even Pauline Collins could save this one.

The film is directed by Roger Goldby and stars Dame Joan Collins alongside Collins as two retired pensioners who travel together to the South of France. Helen (Joan Collins), a former Hollywood siren, escapes her London retirement home with the help of repressed housewife Priscilla (Pauline Collins).

What follows is sheer madness. There are humorous moments, sentimentality even. But on the whole, it felt both tired and well-trod. This sort of a story has been done so often; it is appealing, of course, but needs to be refreshed or have a twist to be afforded anything more than the score I've given it.

The score is beautiful and the cinematography is fairly well balanced; some of the panoramic shots are truly incredible. The characterisation is lacking; I feel the dialogue written for the two leads was not as powerful as I would have liked — however, it is always in the eye of the beholder.


There are a few bright spots, the two Collins do play off each other fairly well, and there is a great cameo by Joely Richardson. It had good promise, I can see why the film was fought for, but ultimately I don't feel the plot or direction pans out.

Perhaps a re-watch will be met with better response.

The Time of their Lives
104 mins
Rating: M Nudity, drug use & offensive language