The Kind Hearts Trust is celebrating its third anniversary this month with a charity lunch to raise funds to sustain their initiatives.

The Kind Hearts Movement was the brain child of Leigh Rosanoski, who in 2014, created the Blissful Acts of Kindness Project. Mrs Rosanoski describes this as 'a homegrown Kiwi kindness project with a global dream'.

Since then the movement has grown in strength and in early 2016, became the registered charity Kind Hearts Trust.

The upcoming charity lunch will not only celebrate the milestone, but will help sustain the trusts' three core initiatives: Kind Hearts Schools, Kind Hearts for Parents and Kind Hearts for Kids.


Kind Hearts Schools provides free resources designed to inspire and enhance a strong kindness culture within school communities, by encouraging self-esteem and a strong value of being unconditionally kind.

Mrs Rosanoski says that starting with primary-aged children is an important part of creating a kinder community, as they will carry that kindness through their entire lives.

"The primary-aged children are coming up with their own ideas and therefore they own it. Beyond just learning to give kindness, they are also learning to be gracious in receiving kindness too and that is how we can fulfil our vision of a kinder world."

Kind Hearts for Parents is an on-going initiative that started in October 2014. It supports parents in the Children's Ward and Neonatal Unit at Palmerston North Hospital. Volunteers and businesses provide home baking, food items, toiletries, magazines and books -- all which are delivered and restocked daily.

"A lot of our bakers have been there themselves and know how much it means," Mrs Rosanoski said.

"When a parent is in the hospital supporting their child, they so often forget themselves. This can provide the boost they need to stay strong and sustain themselves at a really tough time."

Kind Hearts for Kids sources food items needed at schools and kindergartens for children in need.

"This practical support enhances good health, an ability to concentrate and learn, and capacity to reach their potential."


The Kind Hearts Charity Lunch will include guests speaker and Kind Hearts ambassador Dr Farah Palmer. She is a senior lecturer at The Massey University School of Management, co-director of Te Au Rangahau, spent 10 years with the Black Ferns and is a New Zealand Rugby Union Board and NZ Women in Leadership committee member.

The Kind Hearts Charity Lunch Event will be held at Hotel Coachman, Friday, August 18 from 1pm to 3pm. Tickets are $40 by contacting Leigh Rosanoski or phone 0211903853.