Police are investigating the possibility that a gang of home invaders is operating in Hutt Valley.

Four masked man ransacked an elderly woman's home in Lower Hutt early yesterday morning, three days after a couple and three teenagers were confronted as they prepared to go to bed.

In yesterday's incident, the men stole whisky, a cellphone and a BMW car after bursting through the front door of an Avalon home at 5.30am.

The house belonged to a woman in her 90s who remained asleep during the attack. Her son, Stanley Joe, was staying at the house to care for his mother. His sister, visiting from Canada, was also there.

Joe said he opened the door after hearing a tapping at the window.

"I thought it might be something urgent so I decided to answer it and, when I opened it, these teenagers with hoods and a large stick came in."

The offenders said nothing as they searched the house for five minutes.

"I told them I have no money, I tried talking to them," he said. "I told them, 'take whatever you want, even take my car'. It was frightening."

His sister knew what was happening but stayed in her room.

Police are appealing for sightings of the stolen car, a blue BMW, registration ZX9069.

Lower Hutt police Detective Sergeant Mike Sears said the young men were wearing dark clothing, and had covered their faces with scarves.

Police are investigating links with Wednesday's aggravated burglary in Stokes Valley.

In that incident, four masked men confronted a couple and their children after bursting into their home about 9.30pm.

The man was shot in the leg and the woman struck on the head with a shotgun.