(Herald rating: * *)

I confess: I know nothing of Canada's ancient power trio but they are "Big in Brazil" on the evidence of this enormously loud double disc, where they conjure up a stadium-shaking power storm - and the tumble-driers on stage (I kid you not) are a nice populist touch.

They make a horrible, musically redundant and thoroughly forgettable noise but every word and solo is familiar to the Rio crowd who sing back the lyrics.

But, like most people young or old I suspect, I felt oddly out of place in its company and have filed this alongside my Great White DVD, with which I frighten unwelcome guests or amuse drunken friends.

Comes with an interesting Tap-type doco (especially if you know the back-story about drummer Neil and some unspoken tragedy; I don't) and a hidden movie I couldn't be bothered finding because my attention wandered.

That they, and this, exist at all is very strange indeed.

Label: Warners