Australian blogger Constance Hall has spoken about the time an ex-boyfriend threatened to tell everyone how many people she had slept with.

The influencer, who has more than 426,000 followers on Instagram, this week posted about a message she received from a woman who was worried about being perceived as a "sl*t".

Hall posted the woman's message and explained how she too has been shamed by men she has been with.

She went on to reveal she once had a partner who threatened to tell people how many sexual partners she'd had.


Hall explained why she wasn't bothered about it and why this woman who messaged her should not be bothered about it either.

"Nothing freaks out the patriarchy quite like a sexually liberated woman," Hall wrote on Instagram.

"I once had a partner threaten to tell all of our friends that I had slept with over 40 men.

"I couldn't believe he would defame me like that," she wrote, then adding: "Pretty sure my last count was over 50 men."

Photo / Constance Hall
Photo / Constance Hall

Hall had further to say to the woman who contacted her: "I don't think your a sl*t because sl*ts don't exist.

"They were invented to control women like the boogie man was invented to control kids.

"A player? Maybe. But hey ... don't hate the player hate the game," she added.

The Australian mum-of-five told the woman she does not need to tell anyone about her "numbers".


Hall's comments were applauded by her followers who thanked her for always building up women's confidence.

"This is why I follow you because you take queens and build them up every time," one person said.

"Why should we be so ashamed of our lives?!" another person posted.

"I always tell the ones who try to 'shame' me that I've slept with more women than them too," another follower wrote.