Samantha X has shared her tricks for how to tell if your partner is cheating – and there's one that might surprise you.

The journalist and escort appeared on's Not Here To Make Friends podcast and said, despite lockdown restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic, affairs are still going on.

"Men still cheat in lockdown, absolutely. They will find a way. It doesn't matter how busy or if he's always at work, they find a way," she said, explaining a letter she received from a woman who thought her husband was having an affair.

"You make it [affairs] happen, even if it's just 10 minutes on the way home."

Samantha X. Photo /
Samantha X. Photo /

Samantha said a big tip-off is if your partner comes home with wet hair – a giveaway that they could've had a shower somewhere.

She also revealed a surprising way some cheaters hide their secret from their partner.

"When they become very anti-cheating – if someone suddenly becomes very sanctimonious and judgmental about people who cheat – I think that's a good sign they're doing it themselves," she said.

Elsewhere in the podcast, co-hosts James Weir, Carla Bignasca and Samantha looked into a crazy new claim about Kate Middleton and put it to the test.

Samantha also revealed a little more about her own love life.

"I've had sex in a police car, that's all I'm saying. That was the best car I had sex in," she said.