Clarke Gayford has taken to Twitter to ask New Zealanders for help identifying an "intruder" that made it inside the Premier House yesterday.

"Had a significant security breach at Prem House last night. Made it past DPS and upstairs," he wrote in the caption for the photos.

The photos show a big spider and Gayford asked Twitter followers for help identifying the type.

While Neve was momentarily excited, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was not as impressed.


"Neve thought we'd finally got the new kitten she wants, mum was MUCH LESS IMPRESSED.

"Released safely into wilderness, but seriously does anyone know what type of absolute unit this is??"

Some Twitter users suggested it is possibly a vagrant spider.

"The males come indoors at this time of year looking for females to mate with. Totally harmless but pretty freaky-looking; they move like the clappers, eh," one person responded.

Maybe Neve should get that kitten after all?