With New Zealanders told to stay home for the next four weeks, many have been left wondering what exactly they can leave the house for.

The Government has reiterated that, through the four-week lockdown period, people can leave the house to perform essential tasks, including going to the supermarket or the pharmacy, walking their dog, and exercising.

This means that you can go out for a run, a walk, a bike ride, provided you do these activities either alone or with the people you are self-isolating with.

In essence, self-isolation rules are less about where you are allowed to go and more about who you're allowed to go there with.


You cannot meet up with friends for a run, walk or bike ride if you are not self-isolating with them for the whole period.

For the next four weeks, at least, if you don't live with them, you can't run with them.

If you do head out for a run, avoid places where you know you will go past other people as you are still expected to respect the 2-metre distancing rule.

The key message is to keep it local - as local as possible.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you are not allowed to run with anyone you're not self-isolating with (but you're more than allowed to run away from those you're self-isolating with, for a bit of a break).

It is important to stay fit and healthy throughout the lockdown period. The outdoors have numerous mental health benefits that should also be considered - but not at the expense of increasing the chances of transmission of the virus.

A timeline of Covid-19 as the number of confirmed cases increases in New Zealand and around the world.

The Ministry of Health does not have, at this stage, a list of outdoor activities that people can partake on and the current advice is that you can exercise as long as you maintain your distance from others.

In the end, as the Government has said, it all comes down to common sense and having everyone in the country doing their bit to stop the spread of Covid-19.


New Zealand will move into alert level 4 at 11.59pm on Wednesday.

Covid19.govt.nz: The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

There are 40 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in New Zealand today, and we are now at a total of 155 confirmed and probable cases.

Covid19.govt.nz: The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website