A Twitter account casting doubt on the claims of bullied 9-year-old Quaden Bayles has been deleted.

Quaden, who lives with dwarfism, went viral after his mum shared a video of him sobbing after being victimised by bullies.

He won the hearts of thousands of supporters, including actor and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman.

Some Twitter users are insisting Quaden Bayles is actually an 18-year-old actor. Photo / Instagram
Some Twitter users are insisting Quaden Bayles is actually an 18-year-old actor. Photo / Instagram

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But according to a tweet from Jasmine Dowe, posted along with adult-looking photos from his Instagram page, he's really 18 years old and "scammed everybody".

Dowe's Twitter account later appeared to have been taken down.

As the New York Post reports, there's plenty of evidence that Quaden is actually 9-years-old. He appeared on NBC TV's Today show in 2016 aged 5 and clearly missing his two front baby teeth, and spoke about how his dog Buddy helped him cope with the relentless bullying he faced for his condition.

A Facebook page belonging to one of his relatives also shows photos of him as a baby in 2012, with his mum writing "Lil man going on 15 months now bless him!"

Dowe's tweet alleged that Quaden "has plenty of money and yeah everyone fell for it. Now if I'm wrong please source your link and explain why to me."

Although some echoed those concerns, other users jumped to Quaden's defence, with one writing: "It's gross that people are going out of their way to tear this boy down even more."

A fundraiser for Quaden has reached more than $600,000. The enormous sum, raised to help send Quaden and his mother Yarraka Bayles to Disneyland in California, comes after an outpouring of support for the boy from across the world. The rest of the money will go to organisations that help combat bullying.

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Today the schoolboy will lead out the NRL's Indigenous All Stars team for their annual showdown with the Maori All Stars on the Gold Coast.


"(He's) very excited. He's getting prepped up," Bayles said at a press conference with South Sydney Rabbitohs player Cody Walker yesterday.