Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made it official that they will become "financially independent" from the British royal family, a lot of companies are willing to help the couple achieve this.

The latest job offer has come from a very different kind of "royal family": Burger King.

The burger empire posted a tweet aimed at Prince Harry, offering him a part-time position.

"You always have a job in our kingdom," Burger King wrote in another tweet, which included a link to its career page.


The job offer went viral on Twitter, but most users seem to think it wouldn't be the right job for Prince Harry.

"He's giving up being a "senior royal", not his dignity," one Twitter user replied.

Others suggested that, while Harry might not be the ideal candidate for the position, a different royal might be a better fit.

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"May be worth talking to Prince Andrew. Am told he's looking for work. He doesn't sweat so you don't have to worry about him in the kitchen," a Twitter user posted.

The internet has been abuzz lately with memes about what career options there are for Prince Harry now that he has stepped down of the royal family.

Photo / Twitter
Photo / Twitter

Jokes invariably turn to traditionally low-paid fast-food jobs.

Photo / Twitter
Photo / Twitter