To celebrate International Hot Sauce Day next Wednesday, popular taco-stop Mexico has combined forces with Culley's Hot Sauce in an attempt to create New Zealand's hottest taco. The creation boasts "five chillies over five days", which means from January 22 to 26 you can take on the challenge of eating one of these fiery creations - without crying.

How hot?

When we were told about this new spicy number we were intrigued, and a little scared. The five chillies used to create the new taco are the Ghost Chilli, Carolina Reaper, Jalapeño, Red Cayenne and Guajillo Chilli. To put it in perspective the Ghost Chilli ranks over one million on the scoval scale, making it four-hundred times hotter than tabasco. The Carolina Reaper is even hotter again. Combining them would be madness, but we decided to try and handle the heat.

Willing victims

Be Well food writer, Megan Wood, and Herald reporter, Chris Marriner, put their hands up to find out if this really is New Zealand's spiciest taco.

The verdict

The taco is delicious, but man is it hot, proper hot. The kind of hot that keeps on building, gives you the shakes and might see you needing to lie down (watch the video and see for yourself). Maybe you can handle it or maybe it will blow your socks off, a bit like this: