A post from the Radio Sport Breakfast team that can trigger a phobia has gone viral, with some Kiwis reacting in a stomach-churning way.

On Friday, September 13, Kent, Nathan and Marc decided to share a photo of a foot — with holes in it. WHY!?

"How does this make you feel?," they wrote because apparently they were "asking for a friend".


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Well for some, photos like these can cause anxiety in some people and make them feel ill. This is because they can trigger a fear called trypophobia.

A trypophobic person has an intense or irrational fear of clusters of bumps or holes — was first described on the internet in 2005. Although it may sound wacky at first, the phobia is believed to affect up to 20 per cent of the population.

It can cause itching, anxiety, nausea and sometimes vomiting.

How does this make you feel? asking for a friend. #TrypophobiaTest

Posted by Radio Sport Breakfast with Kent, Nathan and Marc on Thursday, 12 September 2019

After posting the photo, many people were grossed out by the photo, wishing they could take back seeing the post.

"I suffer from trypophobia and this makes my skin crawl, itch and feel sick. I can't get images of holes out my head for ages. I know it's not real but....freaks me out," one person wrote.

Another agreed: "I suffer really badly from " lotus pod phobia. Fortunately I have mastered the skill of seeing an image [often on Facebook] and my mind shuts off and I scroll past. However. I can't return for awhile. Just in case I see it again."

"This makes me feel sick. I had a dream just after my son was born that the base of his back was like this ... I'll never forget it," another said.


One person wrote for the radio team to stop "terrorising" them.

"I suffer so bad with this. I feel sick and intense anger and anxiety. It's the weirdest thing ever, all my life I've thought I was just weird can't believe there's others with it."

Others were not too bothered by the photo, writing that it reminds them of a crumpet.

"Want to wait for it to pop out the toaster and put butter on it like the rest of my crumpets," one person wrote.

Another said: "A bit of butter and honey and you have a delicious foot crumpet right there."

It is not known if the image of the foot was photoshopped or if it is some kind of foot condition.

A bacterial skin infection of the foot called pitted keratolysis can cause craterlike pits on the sole of the feet and toes, particularly weight bearing areas.

Another theory is that the holes could have been caused by jigger fleas, which have to be cut out of the skin after they burrow themselves into it and lay eggs.

Radio Sport's post has had more than 7.6K reactions, 244K comments and 2.9K shares.