A mother's heartbreaking message about her drug-addicted son has gone viral on Facebook.

Christy Cooper, from Nebraska, US, was asked to dress up as her "worst nightmare". That's what made her realise she was actually living it.

The dress-up was an assignment for school.

"I got home at 10.30pm and when I walked in to the house I went to my son and told him about the assignment," she wrote in a post on the social network.


"He said, 'What, am I your worst nightmare?' I said, 'No son, the drugs are. Will you dress me?' He replied, 'Yes'."

Her son went to the car, picked a dirty jumper and dirty jeans and handed them to his mum.

"He said I could wear his pants that had a bloodstain on them from where he missed when he was shooting up," she wrote.

Photo / Facebook
Photo / Facebook

"I instantly became sick to my stomach and wanted to throw up.

"This was my kind-hearted, compassionate, beautiful baby boy who was standing in front of me excited to dress me. He wanted me to try them on right then. I didn't want to, but I did. I could not understand why the hell he was so excited to see me dressed in his clothes."

The mum wrote she was anxious when she showed up to class the next day dressed in her son's clothes and admitted feeling "ashamed" and "embarrassed".

"I had so much anxiety I couldn't breathe," she wrote.

"I was crying alone in the bathroom uncontrollably and trembling in my own skin."


"In that very raw and vulnerable moment, I realised I just took a very brief walk in my son's shoes.

"This is how my son and every other addict lives every single day. Every. Single. Day."

"Drugs are destroying families," she said. "We have to do something".

"I'm committed to being kind and extending love to everyone.

"I am committed to being a voice for our children that are turning to drugs and I pray you will join me."

Cooper said her son was currently in rehab.

People on Facebook thanked Cooper for sharing her story and applauded the way she views her drug-addicted son.

"Thank you for still regarding your son as a loveable human," one person wrote.