Queen Elizabeth has proved she's not too regal to miss out on a good practical joke.

Her longtime protection officer Richard Griffin told the Times Of London that Her Majesty once pranked a group of American tourists who bumped in to her on the grounds of one of her castles but didn't recognise her.

At the time, the Queen was dressed down in tweeds and a headscarf and was walking with one of her protection officers, just outside Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The unsuspecting tourists struck up a conversation with the "sweet old lady" and after assuming she was a neighbour to the estate, asked her if she lived nearby and if she'd ever met the Queen.


Her Majesty replied that, yes, she did indeed live nearby. She then said that while she personally had "never met the Queen" she gestured towards the officer and added that "this policeman has".

Griffin says the group of tourists then went on their merry way, oblivious to their encounter with Her Royal Highness.