A video of a dog refusing to walk for its owner has warmed hearts across the world after being shared on Twitter.

When New Yorker Steph Haberman captured a hilarious moment between a dog and its owner she knew she had an antidote to the grim mood that has descended on the US since the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton over the weekend.

The video has now been viewed over three million times.

"Not EVERYTHING is bad," wrote Haberman. "Like this dog I met yesterday who did NOT want to walk anymore. She is good!"


The video shows a dog owner pleading with her dog to move while the dog lies belly up on the pavement, even shaking the dog's paw in an effort to rouse her.

After the video had the desired effect, Haberman took to Twitter again : "Saturday was a terrible day. Sunday was a terrible day. But on Saturday, I took a video of a funny dog, and on Sunday, I decided to share it. That dog video now has over a million views, which means on these terrible days, I got to make a million people smile."

Twitter users flooded in with videos and photos of their own dogs, sparking a tidal wave of warm fuzzies.

Haberman was thanked for playing a part in lifting the mood of a nation: "That dog has no idea how badly we need her right now,' one person wrote.

Another commented: "The internet is a crazy thing. Thanks for sharing, this warmed many hearts."