When Luis Leonard started his shift driving a taxi around Brooklyn, New York, he could not have imagined he'd end up going viral after helping a woman give birth to her child in the back seat of his cab.

The video of Leonardo coaching the couple through childbirth went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook.

It shows the couple in the back of the taxi, with the woman lying down with her legs up, while the driver coaches and encourages the couple.

The couple got in the taxi thinking they had time to make it to the hospital but their baby obviously had other ideas.


"Oh no! She's coming," the woman can be heard saying in the video. "She's coming out!"

The taxi driver seems unfazed by the situation and immediately begins directing the woman.

"Alright, you gotta breathe Mummy," he tells her as he drives to the hospital.

"Her head is in my hands!" the woman yells.

"Just spread your legs and do the magic, spread your legs, damn," the driver replies.

The most chilled-out taxi driver of all time? Photo / YouTube
The most chilled-out taxi driver of all time? Photo / YouTube

The baby is born within a matter of seconds. In the back seat, mum and dad are lost for words. In the front seat, Leonardo remains calm.

"That's it," he tells the passengers, "you got your kid, sh*t is done."

The baby is actually born en caul, but the driver has instructions for that too.

"Take the bag off the face. Boom! We Gucci," he says. "Don't get the s*** messy, God bless the baby!"


"Open up the bag, clean the face, s*** is done."

"You're going to have to hook me up with a little extra for the car wash man," he tells them as they arrive.