Internet pornography giant Pornhub has released its latest look at how Kiwis are using their site, with visitors from Gisborne topping the charts.

The statistics show many aspects of our porn use, but one telling statistic is the duration of each visit.

Pornhub's statistics show the Gisborne region has retained the top spot, with East Coast porn viewers spending a hearty 11 minutes and 16 seconds on the site on average.

Tasman wasn't far behind, spending just three seconds less online.


Northland, Hawke's Bay and Taranaki closed out the top five, all spending at least 10 seconds longer that the average Kiwi visitor.

How long Kiwis spend watching porn online.
How long Kiwis spend watching porn online.

Perhaps time-poor, viewers in our biggest cities came and went quickest.

Dunedin users spent the least time online, an average of 9 minutes and 59 seconds per visit.

Auckland and Wellington spent one second less than average.

The site also offered an insight into the proportion of gay (male) content that is being watched in New Zealand with statistics showing our viewership at 4.25 per cent of total views, behind the global average of 6.03 per cent.

Gisborne won out here again, watching 36 per cent more gay porn than the average Kiwi.

That's a long way ahead of any other region, with Tasman at 8 per cent more and Auckland at 6 per cent.

Our lower gay viewership may be partly due to the high rate of female porn usage in NZ with Pornhub's stats showing that nearly 40 per cent of NZ porn viewers are women, well ahead of the global average of 26 per cent. This is despite previous research showing that women are big consumers of gay male porn.


When it comes to how we're watching, Pornhub stats show that Kiwis are still getting to grips with handheld devices.

Globally, 80 per cent of the site's traffic comes from mobile devices, but NZ visitors overwhelmingly prefer a laptop or desktop experience with 66 per cent using traditional computers.