A woman has been roasted online for a lengthy rant condemning other women who don't get regular, pricey manicures.

The woman posted a rant on Facebook, saying, "When a female doesn't have her nails done it's a pet peeve of mine".

"I'm sorry I just can't live with my nails not done I don't understand yall!" the post continued. "Unless ur lesbian, get your f****** nails done," followed by a crying emoji.

"Don't be basic" the woman continued, saying spending $100 every two weeks is "no biggie".


Another woman in a "nail shaming" Facebook group shared a screenshot of the woman's original rant, with another post of the the woman's manicure, captioning the post, "Both of these shared by the same girl," with a laughing face emoji.

The woman's full rant - and the state of her expensive nails - has been called out. Photo / Facebook
The woman's full rant - and the state of her expensive nails - has been called out. Photo / Facebook

"I thought her nails were pretty and then I read the comment and decided she's an ugly person. Plus that BS isn't worth $100."

"I have two kids and my husband is the primary breadwinner," one woman commented. "If I get my nails done it's either a holiday or we somehow had extra money one payday that I was able to use. I'd love to have an extra hundo every two weeks for my nails."

Others took aim at the manicure itself.

"$100 and they look like s***, poor girl," one woman commented.

"If she spending 100 on that nasty job she must be tripping," another wrote.

"Her thumb screams infection. And how was the pinky tip glued? Jutting upward?" another asked.

"If you're paying a $100 for that, you're on drugs," another said.


"$100 for that s***? Honey, you got ripped off these nails are garbage," one mother commented.

"Secondly, having children teaches you the value of money & plus… when you can grow your own & you can do basic polish on yourself … for $100 I can buy quite a few nail polishes!"

"I could make some excuse about why my nails aren't done constantly but I prefer not to play her pick me game," one woman said.