A doctor in Mayanmar has been stripped of her medical licence after posting bikini photos on social media.

Dr Mwe San was issued a warning by the Myanmar Medical Council, ordering her to stop posting the "racy" images and delete all bikini photos from her Instagram account.

She was also ordered by the Council to stop dressing "in a way that went against Myanmar traditional culture," and told that she has a behavioural disorder.

After the 29-year-old ignored the warning, her medical licence was revoked.


San took to social media to share her outrage about the decision.

"Society doesn't own women's bod(ies)," she wrote. "My body, my right."

In an interview with The New York Times, San explained that "there is so much sexism" in Myanmar.

"They don't want women to have higher positions. And they judge women on what we wear," she said. "They don't even want us to wear trousers."

San told The New York Times that she plans to appeal the ruling and seek to have her medical licence reinstated, but that in the meantime she is earning more as a model than she ever had as a doctor.